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Integrity – Pragmatic– Earnest

FGH Capital Investing has refined a process for collaboration with start-ups and developing small businesses over the past 16+ years. We pride ourselves on identifying key factors of success to the business and place considerable value on the people we are going into business with.

We have taken deliberate care in fostering a pro-business environment that encourages continued business growth and development. With small business roots ourselves, we understand the difficulties in growing a business. From access to capital to personnel to customer relations. Partnering with FGH Capital allows your business to have access to this knowledge and business experience. We believe in partnering with like-minded people who share our values and work ethic, which is the foundation of our relationship building.

Standardized Practices

With 20 + years of business experience and exposure to a wide spectrum of industries, FGH has refined our process and practices for administration and other business activities.

Financing Options

We offer unique funding options for borrowers or business partners. We are also happy to provide access to capital for business growth.

Small Business Oriented

At FGH, we’re resourceful and know what it takes to get things done. We understand and empathize with the needs of a small business, and we recognize how important opportunities are to those in the small business community.

Integrity & Reliability

We have a genuine and dependable team on board at FGH Capital Investing. When we look for partners to join us, we seek those that share the same qualities as our knowledgeable, reliable team.

Our Capital Investing Offerings

Alternative Financing

Whether its a temporary bridge loan to assist with cashflow needs until receivables come in, or if your small business requires seed money for a new investment over a longer period of time. FGH Capital Investments can work outside the box where traditional institutional financing is limited. We are flexible and willing to work with you.

Equity Positions and Partnerships

At the core of our values is hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in structured organic growth and have the confidence to invest and take chances when the right opportunities arise. If your company is looking for a strategic partner to grow with, or if you’ve worked hard building your small business and would like to realize some of your gains, then FGH Capital Investing may be an ideal option for you.